Conquer Chiari is the Largest NGO Funder of Chiari Research
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Research at Conquer Chiari

Conquer Chiari believes that research is critical to improving the experiences and outcomes of Chiari patients. As such, we have grown to become the largest non-governmental funder of Chiari research and a recognized leader in the research community. 

As of March, 2024, our Research Program has generated 89 peer-reviewed publications, including groundbreaking work on the cognitive effects of Chiari, the genetics of Chiari, quantifying the neuroanatomy and hydrodynamics of Chiari, understanding how syrinxes form and more.

For a list of our program’s publications, click here: (Note that several publications are not included in this list because they were not indexed through the National Library of Medicine.)

Current Research Priorities:

Physical Impact of Chiari

Psychological Impact of Chiari

Understanding Chiari

Selected, Recent Publications:

If you are a scientist or medical professional interested in Chiari research and have a project you would like to discuss, please email: