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She Had Another MRI Today...

Life as a Chiari Parent...What They Don't Tell You

There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Son

"Asymptomatic" Chiari, Good News Or Bad News?

Hoping A Second Surgery Will Lead To A Normal Childhood

Four Years Of Frustration

More Thoughts On Deciding What Is Right For Your Child

Deciding What Is Right For Your Child

Going To Battle With My Granddaughter

A Photo Essay...By George Weir

No, She's Not Fine!

A Parent's Hope

Shannon's Take

Shannon Schroeder is a mother of two special needs children. Her youngest child was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation in May of 2008. As such, she has experienced first hand the effects that Chiari can have not only a child, but the entire family. Shannon hopes to work with parents and children to help make this diagnosis a bit easier to understand, and to aid them in finding the help and support that they need. Shannon can be reached at:

Follow Your Intuition

Finding A Doctor For Your Child

Dealing With Diagnosis