Outcomes & Predictors
Pseudomeningocele Negatively Effects Surgical Outcome in Adults
Surgical Predictors Based on Chicago Chiari Outcome Scale
New Scoring System Proposed For Chiari
Post-op Posterior Fossa Volume Increase Correlated With Outcome
Study Looks At Long Term Impact Chiari Has On Quality Of Life
Main Benefit Of Surgery May Be Due To Bone Removal
Syrinx Width And Duration Of Symptoms Predict Pain Improvement After Surgery
Chiari Symptoms Can Come Back Years After Surgery
Fluid Motion Inside Syrinx Predicts Post-op Shrinkage
Study Shows Most Syrinxes Shrink Significantly Three Months After Surgery
Surgery Has No Effect On Cervical Range Of Motion
Simple Test To Predict Post-Op Pain
Large Study Finds 80% Improve With Surgery
CSF Flow Used To Evaluate Surgical Success
Complex Chiari Cases Have Poorer Outcomes
Scoliosis Affects Surgical Outcomes In Adults
Cerebellar Tonsils Removed During Surgery Shown To Be Abnormal
Using Cine-MRI To Predict Surgical Outcome
Decompression Surgery Improves Eye Symptoms
Surgery Improves Quality Of Life For About 80% Of Patients
Researchers In India Look For Predictors Of Surgical Outcome
Intracranial Compliance Linked To Surgical Success
Brazilian Study Details Which Symptoms Improve With Surgery
Duration Of Symptoms Before Surgery Influences Outcome
Does The Shape Of A Syrinx Predict Post-surgical Improvement?
Is Surgery Necessary If There Are No Symptoms?
Survey Shows How Doctors Worldwide Treat Chiari
Decompression Surgery Reduces CSF Velocity
Looking for predictors of surgical success
Total CSF Flow May Predict Surgical Outcome
Stem Cells Restore Some Function To Spinal Injured Rats
Decompression Without Dural Opening Can Lead To Symptom Recurrence Over Long-Term
Complications May Be Related To Graft - Sealant Combination
Opening The Dura Remains An Open Question
Mechanical Study Supports Dura Splitting Technique
Study Quantifies Tradeoff in Opening Dura During Surgery
Dura Splitting Surgical Technique Shows Good Results
Craniotomy versus Craniectomy
Intraoperative Ultrasound May Not Be Effective In Selecting Patients For Bone...
Cervical Fusion In Chiari Patients
Study Shows Promise For Conservative Surgery In Adults
Extensive Laminectomy May Increase Risk For Spinal Problems
Surgical Technique Alleviates Serious Complication After Decompression
Simple Idea To Improve Chiari Surgery
Study Examines Feasibility Of Programming Shunts At Home
Ultrasound Can Determine Extent Of Surgery Necessary
New Surgery Proposed For Chiari
Using Ultrasound To Make Surgery Patient Specific
Dural Patch
Less Invasive Surgery Shows Promise Even w/ Syringomyelia
Meta-Analysis Compares Duraplasty To No Duraplasty
New Dural Patch Found To Be Safe And Effective
Do You Know What's In Your Head? Study Compares Dural Graft Materials
Dural Patch Recalled
FDA Approves DuraSeal To Prevent CSF Leaks
To Open or Not To Open The Dura; That Is The Question
Does the type of dural graft material matter?
Failed Surgeries
Failed Adult Chiari Surgery
More Evidence That Pseudotumor Cerebri Plays A Role In Failed Chiari Surgeries
Trying to identify why surgeries fail.
Treatment options after failed surgery

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