Stem Cell Research
Adult Stem Cells Able To Multiply
Combination Therapy
Guidelines For Stem Cell Research
Motor Neurons Created From Stem Cells
Patients Own Stem Cells
Potential Alternative To Embryonic Stem Cells Discovered
Stem Cell Therapy For Spinal Cord Injury
Stem Cells Accumulate Genetic Changes
Stem Cells Found In Adults May Repair Nerves
Stem Cells Restore Function In Paralyzed Rats
Using Stem Cells From Fat Tissue
What Is A Stem Cell
Nerve Damage/Repair
Approach To Repair The Central Nervous System
Device Aims To Reduce Chance Of Nerve Damage
Eel's Nerve Circuitry Helps Paralysis Research
How The Nervous System Is Wired
Implantable device
Molecule Drives Nerve Regrowth
Nerve Cell Receptors Linked To Chronic Pain
Nerve Cells Regenerated In Rats
Nerve Fibers Key To Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Nerve Growth Down Spine
Neurologists Create Neurons
Scientists Grow Neurons
Researchers Identify Genes Responsible For Specific Nerve Cells
Researchers Turn Fat Cells Into Nerve Cells
Spinal Injury/Repair
ATP Plays A Role In Spinal Injuries
Key Chemical In Spinal Cord Injury Found
Magnetic Treatment For Spinal Cord Injury
Nerve Jumper Cables For Spinal Cord Repair
Spinal Bridge Restores Mobility
Spinal Cord Injury And Weight Gain
Uric Acid May Heal Spinal Cord Injuries
Drug Research
Australian Scientists Predict Major Medical Advances
B12 Deficiency May Increase Neural Defects
Bush Announces Crackdown On Prescription Drug Abuse
Doctors Urged To Change The Way They Prescribe Painkillers
Drug For NSAID Side Effects
Drug To Treat Spasticity
EU Approves Drug
Faster Anti-Depressants
FDA Recommends Limited Use Of COX-2 Drugs
Fish Oils A Natural Alternative To COX-2 Drugs
Millions At Risk From Effects Of OTC Pain Medicines
Natural Analgesia For New Pain Drug
New Drug For Nerve Repair
New Pain Patch Launched in UK
Pfizer Markets Neuropathic Pain Drug In Europe
Phase I Clinical Trials for Chronic Pain Drug
Phase II For Neuropathic Pain Drug
Snail Toxin May Lead To New Painkiller
Warning Signs Of Painkiller Abuse
MRI Technology
Imaging Method Has Potential To Be Portable
MRI Contrast Agent
MRI Technology Less Sensitive To Movement
One Big MRI
Vendors Partner To Offer Ceiling Mounted MRI
Room Sized MRI
Stand-Up MRI

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