Only A Third Of Children With Chiari On MRI Are Symptomatic
Behavioral Issue In Chiari II Children Traced To Sleep Problems
Chiari Related Hearing Loss In Children
Chiari II Affects Normal Eye Movements
Study Looks At Abnormal Gag Reflex In Chiari Children
Trouble Swallowing May Signal Chiari In Children
Some Good News For Chiari II Children
Chiari Related Memory & Learning Problems
Study Identifies Cognitive Impact Of Chiari II
Damage To Cerebellum Affects Cognitive Ability In Children
Sleep Apnea Causes Brain Changes In Children
The Importance Of Cine MRI
What can be learned from 130 Chiari kids?
Study Follows Non-Surgical Chiari Kids
Resolving CM-1 in Children: The Question of Duraplasty
Surgery Group Discusses Experience with 500 Chiari Kids
Study Finds Most Non-Surgical Chiari Cases In Children Do Not Progress Over...
Cervical Instability With Chiari II Surgery Does Not Cause Major Problems
Details Of CSF Flow Used To Predict Symptom Recurrence
Urgent Surgery Is Sometimes Necessary For Chiari
CSF Flow In Children Before & After Surgery
Type Of Headache May Indicate If Surgery Is Required
Large Study Examines Surgical Outcomes In Children
Can testing during surgery help resolve the surgical debate?
Helping Children Deal With Post-Operative Pain
Endoscope Used to Minimize Surgery in Children
Limited Surgery Shown To Be Effective In Children
Study Compares Surgical Techniques
Surgical Technique Reduces Hospital Time And Costs
New surgical technique attempts to minimize trauma for pediatric patients
Synthetic Graft May Be More Effective Than Autograft
Study Shows Few CSF Related Complications With Autologous Duraplasty
Trying To Understand Why Some Syrinxes Don't Go Away
Imagery Reduces Children's Post-Op Pain
Studying The Natural History Of Chiari In Children
Can A Child Grow Out Of Chiari?
Long-term Shunting Can Lead To Acquired Chiari
More Findings Involving Chiari & Abnormal Skull Geometry
Can Posterior Fossa Volume Indicate Symptom Severity?
Small Posterior Fossa Linked To Chiari Related Syringomyelia
Children w/ Chiari Symptoms Due To Shunting Found To Have Sm. Posterior Fossa Vol.
Between Chiari I & Chiari II
Study Explores The Natural History Of Chiari
Rickets Provides Chiari Clues
Two Cases Provide Clues To A Link Between Tethered Cord And Chiari
Possible Biomarkers Found For Tethered Cord
Chiari Linked To Lipomyelomeningocele
MRI Documents Acquired Chiari Due To Fatty Filum
Syringomyelia In Twins, With And Without Chiari
Linking Chiari, Idiopathic Scoliosis, And Genetics
No Difference In Size Of Foramen Magnum Pediatric Chiari
Scoliosis & Related Conditions
Tracking Syrinx Improvement After Surgery
Duraplasty Prevents Retethering In Complex TCS Cases
How Decompression Surgery Affects Scoliosis Progression
Study Identifies Features Of Chiari Related Scoliosis
SM Related Scoliosis May Be Due To Spinal Muscle Denervation
Looking For Signs Of Chiari In Idiopathic Scoliosis
Decompression Surgery Helps Chiari Related Scoliosis
When Is Decompression Surgery Before Scoliosis Surgery Necessary?
Study Identifies Types Of Scoliosis That Indicate Chiari
Chiari, Syringomyelia, Scoliosis, and Surgery
How to treat syringomyelia related scoliosis in children
Timing Important In Treating Tethered Cord
Feasibility of Chiari Decompression and TCS Surgery at the Same Time
Children Suffering from Sleep Apnea Caused by Chiari I Malformation
Minimal Tethered Cord Shows Abnormal Anatomy

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