Scoliosis & Related Conditions
NIH Funded Study Finds Chiari Not Associated With Fibromyalgia
Left Thoracic Curve Strong Indicator of Neurological Problem
Two Cases Implicate Pseudo-Tumor In Failed Chiari Surgery
Connective Tissue Disorders Linked To Chiari In Some Patients
High Rate Of Chiari Found In Pseudo-Tumor Patients
Genetic Clues Found For Dandy-Walker Malformation
Surgical Outcomes For Adult Tethered Cord Surgery
Incidence of Tonsillar Ectopia in IIH

BMI & Syringomyelia: How Increased Weight Affects the Health of Adults with Chiari
Study Examines Persistent Syringomyelia
Survey Shows Syrinx A Strong Indicator For Surgery
Japanese Survey of Syringomyelia Prevalence
Type of Syrinx Influences Body Pain
Evaluating Quality of Life In Syringomyelia Patients
Study Differentiates Hydromyelia From Syringomyelia
MRI Technique Provides More Detail In Imaging A Syrinx
Syringomyelia Disrupts Pain & Temperature Sensing
How Many People Have Chiari/Syringomyelia?
Why Do Some People With Syringomyelia Develop Central Pain?
Syringomyelia Without Chiari Is Difficult To Treat
Review Of Post-Traumatic SM In England
Rats Reveal Clues To The Damage That Syrinxes Cause
Looking Back: When Is A Syrinx Not A Syrinx?
Taking The Unknown Out Of Idiopathic Syringomyelia
Tight cisterna magna may account for some idiopathic SM cases.
Can syrinxes resolve on their own?
Studying One Man's Experience With Syringomyelia

Family Impact
Chiari & Pregnancy
Anesthesia issues during labor for women with Chiari
Facing The Challenges Of Being A Caregiver, By Nancy Scotton
Caring For Children With Complex Medical Conditions, By Sharon Feder
Marital Stress Can Affect Healing
Spouses Disagree On Level Of Pain & Disability
How Nurses Can Help When A Child Is In The Hospital
Emotionally Focused Therapy Helps Families Cope With A Chronically Ill Child
How Chronic Illness Affects Partners
Disease, Disability & Marriage
Epidural During Childbirth With Chiari

Alternative Medicine
Craniosacral Therapy
Fish Oil & Natural Food Substance Fight Depression
Reflexology - Sure A Foot Massage Feels Good, But Can It Help With Chronic Pain?
Is Laughter The Best Medicine?
Does Distant Healing Work?
More Evidence That Acupuncture Is Effective And Safe
Many Americans Turn To Prayer For Health Concerns
Music Can Reduce Chronic Pain & Depression
Some Health Plans Cover Complementary Care
Spices For Pain Relief
US Adults Use Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Quick Hits: Flexion Doesn't Help Identify Occult TCS; One Percent Of Ear Patients Have Chiari; Use Of Fluid Dynamics In Chiari Expands
Study Reveals Bias In Published Drug Research
The Year In Research 2008, The Song Remains The Same
The Year In Research, 2007
The Year In Research 2006, Same As It Ever Was
Newspaper Coverage Of Neurological Conditions Stigmatizing and Error Prone
The Year In Research - 2005
The Year In Research
Survey Shows Doctors Not Well Trained To Handle Chronically Ill Patients

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