Conquer Chiari Research Updates

August, 2019 Research Update - Hydrocephalus Develops After Chiari Surgery 5% of the Time
July, 2019 Research Update - “Experts” Agree 5mm Rule Not Valid; Origins of the 5mm Chiari Rule
June, 2019 Research Update - CT Reveals Major Clivus Changes; Depression & Anxiety; Chiari Men vs Women; 3D Printed Part for Chiari Surgery
May, 2019 Research Update - Digging Deeper Into Cognitive Effects; Can Morphology Predict Outcome
April, 2019 Research Update - Complex Chiari (Cranio-vertebral Junction Disorders)
March, 2019 Research Update - Syrinx Symptoms After Surgery; Cognitive Impact; Chiari Anatomy
January, 2019 Research Update - Natural History; Measuring Tonsillar Position Consistently is Difficult
November, 2018 Research Update - Swallowing, Dysphagia; Cognitive Impact
October, 2018 Research Update - Delivery and Anesthesia, Cognitive Impact, Verbal Fluency
July, 2018 Research Update - Top 10 Research Findings of the CCRC
June, 2018 Research Update - Stem Cell Therapy, Syringomyelia; Orofacial Symptoms; Chiari Prevalence
May, 2018 Research Update - Cognitive Effects; Spontaneous Resolution, Syrinx, Pediatric; Novel MRI

March, 2018 Research Update - Pediatric Chiari; EDS, POTS; Syringomyelia, Charcot Joint
February, 2018 Research Update - Very Young Children; Tethered Cord; Related Conditions; Morphometrics
January, 2018 Research Update - Morphometrics, Symptomatic vs Asymptomatic, Scoliosis, Heart Related Symptoms, Fibromyalgia, Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure

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